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Confluence is Atlassian's content collaboration tool used to help teams collaborate and share knowledge efficiently. In Confluence, content is created and organized using spaces, pages, and blogs.

Aura Macro Suite

Aura is a Confluence plugin I've build that introduces an intuitive suite of content formatting tools that transform boring pages into beautiful and organized content.

Intuitive UI, Live Preview

Other similar solutions usually come with very bad user experience. Typically, there is no way to preview the changes that you've made and the user interface usually requires programming knowledge just to customize.

Aura changes that by introducing UI elements that users are fimilar with, such as color pickers instead of simple text inputs that would require the user to memorize all color codes by heart.

Aura Logo
Example of the Aura macro editor

See for yourself

This video shows some of the applications for Aura. You can use it to create pages with stunning looks in just Confluence. Unlike most other plugins for conluence, Aura offers an intuitive UI with many comfort features, such as live previews and collaborative editing.
Aura's edit mode experience

Turn boring Confluence pages into beautiful content

Confluence pages are usually boring and feel very static. Aura allows you to use predefined elements such as buttons, cards, panels, containers with background images and colors within Confluence to spice up your pages.

Check out the the documentation and see how we are using Aura.
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