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The customers freshly designed and updated website, with a modern look and feel.

About the project

Colette Sternberg is a self-employed German auditor and tax accountant. She had an existing portfolio website, but she wanted a complete redesign for a more modern and clean look & feel. She also wanted a blog and newsletter functionality for the site.

Focus on existing customers

As her business mainly relies on existing customers, the goal was to create a member-only blog to keep these up to date. While an open blog could have served a big purpose in search engine optimization, the feel of exclusivity was more important to the customer, thus the blog was put behind an authentication wall. Customers have to request an invitation digitally, the system then requires authorization from an administrator to create the new user. This system was programmed so that only real customers could get access to the blog. Likewise, a the newsletter has been put into place to keep members up to date about upcoming seminars and blogposts.
Frontpage of the redesigned and updated website.


Wordpress has been used to create the blog portion of the project, with the development of a custom plugin for the user authorization. As the leading technology for frontend I used React.js to create a premium user experience with custom animations.


Within just a few weeks the userbase of the blog and newsletter when from 0 to 100. With several hundreds of existing customers having signed up to the newsletter and interacting with Colette Sternberg through the comments on her blog, we have successfully transitioned her business to the digitial era.
I have to thank you. The blog is incredible and I am very happy with the functionality. My readership is still growing constantly. This would not have been possible without you.Colette Sternberg
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